Watch: Former ‘American Ninja Warrior’ saves man from choking to death

Image capture from's video via You Tube
  • A former “American Ninja Warrior” contestant saved a man from choking to death
  • The incident happened in broad daylight in New York street
  • Pavel Fesyuk performed the ‘Heimlich maneuver’ to save the man

A former contestant of the reality TV show “American Ninja Warrior” has earned praises for saving a man from choking to death in the street of New York.

Pavel Fesyuk, who works as an exterminator for a pest solution company, was driving his car when he chanced upon an elderly man who was apparently having difficulty breathing behind a parked car in Rochester.

The whole incident was captured last Tuesday on a dashcam mounted on Fesyuk’s car.

In the clip, the old man can be seen bent over the trunk of his car. He appears to have been choked by whatever he accidentally swallowed.

Fesyuk immediately stopped his car and approached the man, offering to help. He started patting the man’s back as the latter motioned him to do so.

However, when patting didn’t work, Fesyuk got behind the man and performed the ‘Heimlich maneuver’ – a rescue technique “which involves thrusts to the abdomen that apply upward pressure on the diaphragm to create an air flow that forces food or other objects out of the windpipe.”

Fortunately, the technique worked and the victim can be seen quickly recovering.

The two had a brief conversation before both men headed to their own cars and drove away.

Watch the video below: