Wife of missing ‘tokhang-for-ransom’ Korean victim offers P100K reward

Images from Brigada News FM National/ Pilipinews Facebook posts
  • The wife of missing South Korean trader has offered P100,000 reward for any information about her husband
  • The victim has disappeared in October after he was seized from his house in Angeles
  • The kidnappers introduced themselves as police officers conducting illegal drug raid in the area

MANILA, Philippines – The wife of the Korean businessman who was abducted by armed men in Angeles City, Pampanga in October has offered a P100,000 for any information on his husband who has been missing for nearly three months now.

Jee Ick-Joo, a South Korean trader was seized in his home in Angeles along with his female helper, Marisa Dawis. The helper was released the next day but her employer remains missing and is nowhere to be found.

Early reports said eight men armed with guns entered the Korean’s residence after introducing themselves as police officers conducting illegal drugs operation in the area.

Two weeks later, the kidnappers demanded P5-M from the Jee’s wife, Choi Kyung-jin, who delivered the money to a nearby fastfood restaurant in the city without informing the authorities.

However, she never get to see her husband despite paying the kidnappers.

On Thursday, January 12, Choi said she is willing to give P100,000 reward for anyone with information regarding her missing husband.

“I am not after the kidnappers. I am just after my husband,” the distraught wife told Inquirer through an interpreter.

She also pleaded for President Rodrigo Duterte to help her in finding her husband.

“I hope President Duterte uses his public power to find my husband,” the woman said.

Choi likewise vowed not to press any charges against the kidnapper if they just return her husband alive.

“If my husband comes back to us alive, I will not [file] any case against the kidnappers, stop all cases that is ongoing and I will go back to my country, Korea, with my husband,” Choi added.