Discrimination at its worst? Davao condo ‘bans’ Indian medical students because of their ‘smell’

Images from Cudlob Doow Lezah's Facebook post
  • A condominium in Davao City supposedly refused to accept medical students from India
  • The reason given was allegedly because of their smell
  • The sharer lambasted the condo for discriminating the students for that simple reason

MANILA, Philippines – A condo in Davao City has been accused of discrimination for turning away some medical students from India simply because of their smell.

The story was shared on Facebook last February 3 by one Cudlob Doow Lezah from Davao Del Sur.

According to Lezah, the students were supposed to move in to a condominium in Davao City but were not accepted because they didn’t smell right, at least by the management’s standard.

“These Medical Students from India were supposed to move-in as renters but were banned/NEVER had the chance to get in. The reason? Somebody from the Property Management Office decided to ban the students because of their SMELL!!! YES SMELL!!” Lezah wrote.

The embarrassing episode allegedly left the students with no place to stay during the night, had to endure hunger and had to sit under the rain.

“These poor Medical Students had to stay outside trying to be treated right. But we had NO LUCK!” the sharer narrated.

Iamge capture of Cudlob Doow Lezah’s Facebook post

“We stayed up until this time of night looking for a safe place for them to stay for the night,” she said.

Lezah said what happened was a perfect example of discrimination and all people deserve humane treatment regardless of how they smell.

Netizens also weighed in and condemned the condo for their cruel treatment of guests. Others said this is ironic since Filipinos are known for their supposed hospitality.

“They deserve to be treated well, they have their right to get in as long as they are paying, dapat sa hotel na yan pinapasara din, pag labag sa karapatang pantao…” wrote one commenter.

[This hotel must be ordered closed too. This is a violation of human rights.]

“No offense but I fear it is not Indian students losing their dignity because of their body odor but those specific Filipinos judging by it. So sickening. They have to remember that in India we have some Filipino employees too. And we won’t treat them as bad as u treat our students,” lamented a commenter who is also from India.

Others, meanwhile, agreed that some people from India may indeed smell odd, but this should never be used as an excuse to discriminate them.

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