Duterte claims Korean mafia behind drug and p********e racket in Cebu, warns of iron fist

Image capture from PTV's video
  • President said Korean mafia behind the flow of drugs and prostitutes in Cebu
  • He warned them they will be treated like ordinary criminals
  • He also vowed to continue protecting law-abiding Koreans in PH

MANILA, Philippines – Amid reports Korean Jee Ick-joo’s killing may be connected to a Korean mafia operating in the country, President Rodrigo Duterte claimed the same group supposedly controls the flow of drugs and prostitutes in Cebu.

“It’s already out in the open. The cat is out of the bag so we now know the problem. But I’ve always heard from all intelligence sources that in Cebu, with due respect to the South Korean government,  they (mafia) are the ones controlling drugs and prostitution,” CNN Philippines quoted him as saying.

The president then warned the mafia of a heavy hand should they continue with their illicit activities.

“For those into the racket [business] of prostitution, drugs and everything, kidnapping, you will be treated as just an ordinary criminal, just like a Filipino,” he said. “You don’t enjoy special privileges just because you’re a foreigner.”

At the same time, Duterte promised to protect law-abiding Koreans who come to visit the country

“They are welcome to invest. There are so many South Korean students, we will protect them. That’s our duty,” he said. “To law-abiding Koreans, you will be protected, treated equally as Filipinos.”

“I’m not condemning all Koreans. They’re always welcome here. Korea is our friend. It has helped us in so many ways. I will not want to pick a quarrel just like with India,” he added.

The president’s statement came after PNP Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa said they are also looking at that angle into Jee’s d***h.

Jee was k****d inside Camp Crame last October, allegedly by policemen belonging to the Anti-Illegal Drugs Group which has since been disbanded.