Man catches wife with another man, decapitates her then walks 5 miles to police station with her head

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  • A man in India beheaded his wife with a sword after catching her with another man
  • He then roamed the village with the woman’s severed head before surrendering to the police
  • The suspect showed no remorse for the murder and said his wife deserved to be killed

A farmer in India decapitated his wife in the field where they were working after catching her with another man. He then roamed the village before walking five miles to the police station with the woman’s severed head.

The terrifying scene has created panic among residents of Dhareli village on Thursday after seeing the man, 38-year-old Narayan Singh, roaming around with his 28-year-old wife Sarita’s head.

According to The Hindustan Times, Narayan suspected his wife had been cheating on him with another man.

On Monday evening he caught her in a ‘compromising position‘ with her lover and had since thought of confronting her about it.

Two days later on Wednesday, she brought him food while he was working in one of their fields. The couple had a heated argument and, in the fit of rage, the man beheads his wife using a sword which he has hidden earlier.

He then roamed around the village with the woman’s severed head; prompting some residents to alert the authorities.

However, before the police could arrive, Narayan has already walked five miles towards the police station to surrender.

“According to villagers, Singh had been keeping a close tab on the activities and movements of his wife for the past few days. He caught his wife in the act with her lover and, in a fit of rage, beheaded her,” said investigating officer Vijay Khatri.

The suspect reportedly showed no remorse for the murder; saying his wife deserved to be killed for her infidelity.

“This is the reason I beheaded her. I had warned her twice before, but she wouldn’t mend her ways,” the man was quoted as saying.

The suspect has since been in custody and is scheduled to appear in court anytime soon.