Photos of Kim Jong-nam’s alleged female assassin revealed; suspect a******d

Image capture from The Star Online video via You Tube
  • Photos of the alleged female assassin who k****d Kim Jong-un’s half-brother in Malaysia has been made public
  • Malaysian authorities dismissed early reports of the victim’s cause of d***h pending autopsy report
  • South Korean spy agency believes the assassins were sent by Kim Jong-un from North Korea to k**l his brother

Photos of the alleged female assassin who k****d Kim Jong-nam, half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, has been made public on Wednesday, two days after he was m******d at the Malaysian airport.

Kim Jong-nam was reportedly k****d on Monday while waiting for his Macau-bound flight at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Two women were reportedly seen running away from the scene. They were believed to be agents from North Korea.

On Wednesday, Malaysian and South Korean media broadcast have published a CCTV footage purportedly showing one of the female suspects identified in her Vietnamese passport as Doan Thi Huon, 28.

She was a******d based on the footage of the airport’s security camera that captured the incident. She is currently detained at a police station for further questioning.

While Malaysian authorities have yet to confirm Kim Jong-nam’s cause of d***h pending autopsy report, a Hong Kong reporter from Oriental Daily claimed the woman told the police that she was coaxed by four men into playing a prank on the victim.

She reportedly said the men told her to spray a liquid on the victim’s face while they covered his face with a cloth. She then couldn’t find the men after the murder.

However, local authorities dismissed such speculations amid an early report that the victim was k****d using a poisoned needle.

Investigators confirmed, though, that the suspect was positively identified from the CCTV footage at the airport and “police are looking for a few others, all foreigners.”

Eyewitnesses told the police there were two women seen in the area and both of them fled in a taxi.

Doan, seen wearing a white “LOL” shirt in the CCTV is the first to be captured.

Meanwhile, the South Korean spy agency believed the assassins were sent by Kim Jong-un from North Korea to k**l his brother whom he sees as a threat to his regime.

Kim Jong-nam was once favored to succeed his father but had a falling out with the ruling family after his controversial attempt to sneak a visit to Tokyo Disneyland using fake documents back in 2001.

He was the most vocal among Kim Jong-il’s three sons, all presumed heir-apparent, and would sometimes speak out against the North Korean government’s policy.