Soon-to-be groom shot dead by SUV driver in another deadly road rage incident

Images from Erwin Ilao's Facebook post
  • A man about to get married was killed in another road rage incident
  • He was shot dead by an SUV driver following a traffic altercation
  • The victim’s family and friends are seeking help through social media to bring the suspect to justice

MANILA, Philippines – A groom to be  became the latest victim of a deadly road rage incident in Quezon City. He was killed by a fellow motorist last Saturday, February 25, following a traffic altercation.

The victim was identified as 27-year-old Anthony Mendoza, an IT professional who works at Hewlett Packard. Social media posts from his friends said he was preparing for an upcoming marriage and a cousin just bought the wedding ring for him when the tragedy struck.

An Inquirer story on the incident said Mendoza was driving a motorcycle from Banawe in Quezon City where they just bought some car part. He was with his backriding older brother Michael.

At the intersection of Quezon Avenue and D. Tuazon Street, an SUV almost hit Mendoza’s motorcycle during a stop. A heated argument ensued between the victim and the driver of the Toyota Land Cruiser with plate number AHA 3454.

The alleged killer’s SUV| Image from Erwin Ilao’s Facebook post

The suspect then pulled out a gun and shot Mendoza; hitting the latter in the head. The victim sustained two gunshot wounds and died on the spot.

The shooter, meanwhile, fled on his SUV towards Quezon Avenue after the incident. He is described as 35-40 years old.

Police are now pursuing the suspect and will soon release the sketch of the man.

Mendoza’s family and friends, meanwhile, are crying for justice and are seeking help through social media for the immediate arrest of the alleged killer.