Piolo on kissing and hugging son Iñigo: Nothing wrong with showing affection to loved ones

  • Actor defended son and himself from bashers amid viral video
  • He said he and his family were raised to be physically affectionate with one another
  • He also said he and his son are lucky they can show affection to each other

MANILA, Philippines – Actor Piolo Pascual defended himself and his son Iñigo from bashers who criticized a video of them kissing and hugging each other; saying physical displays of affection was a normal thing in their family.

“Up to this moment, I kiss my mom on the lips. Ganu’n kaming magkakapatid [That’s how I and my siblings are]. It’s nice to be physical with your loved ones. Ganu’n kami pinalaki [We were raised that way],” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted him as saying.

Pascual stressed that both he and Iñigo are not affected by the bashing and added that they’re lucky they can keep showing their affection to each other.

Mas mature pa nga sa ‘kin ‘yung anak ko [My son is even more mature than I am]. Proud siya ‘dun [He’s proud of that],” he said. “It’s a blessing and dun sa mga nagba-bash sa video namin, ang sarap kaya ng pakiramdam. Bakit ako mao-offend sa mga nagba-bash, at first gusto ko bumawi na parang ano ba kayo? Blessing kaya ‘yun [It’s a blessing, and to those who bash our video, it actually feels good [to be physically affectionate with your loved ones. Why should I be offended by the bashers? I would want to strike back by saying ‘hey, why are you thinking that way?’ This kind of affection is actually a blessing].”

Previously, Pascual also showed a picture of himself lying on the floor with his son. At the time, the photo both drew praise from supporters who lauded their close relationship and scorn from bashers.