[Video] A Teary Union: 12-year-old boy who lost leg to cancer adopts three-legged dog

Image capture of video by Front Street Animal Shelter via Facebook
  • 12-year-old boy who got amputated after battling cancer found friendship with a three-legged dog
  • The union between Quick Scharn and the pitbull named Logan brought tears to eyewitnesses

Quick Scharn, a 12-year-old kid whose right leg and hip got amputated after being diagnosed with cancer two years ago, found his perfect partner – a pitbull named Logan.

The child, as per a Fox News story, battled cancer twice; first when he was a baby wherein he underwent chemo and six weeks of radiation, and secondly, the cancer he faced recently.

Scharn, in a Fox 40 interview, said right after his surgery and waking up, the first thing he wanted was to have a dog with three legs.

The child’s mom Teresa went to an extensive search to grant his son’s request until she found Logan at Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento.

The mother found the photos of a dog who had been picked up as a stray having a broken leg that needed to be amputated.

A problem initially arose, however, since someone had already asked to reserve Logan.

Said Gina Knepp of the animal shelter, the family were disappointed upon knowing that the dog was already reserved but decided to wait until the woman changes her mind.

According to those who witnessed the union between Scharn and Logan, seeing the instant sweet friendship between the two brought them to tears.

“When I saw him and the dog together the immediate reaction was a welling of tears, there were a lot of tears yesterday, joyful tears,” Knepp told Fox 40.

Front Street Animal Shelter shared this touching video of a boy’s struggle and his wish being granted!