Boy miraculously survives after jumping from tall building using umbrella as parachute

Image from Weibo
  • A Chinese boy jumped from a tall building using an umbrella as parachute
  • The boy suffered serious injuries
  • His fall was partially broken by a power line

A seven-year-old boy in China jumped from about 10 storeys using an umbrella as a parachute. He miraculously survived the fall.

As per The Straits Times, the boy jumped holding an umbrella from their apartment unit’s window in Suzhou, Jiangsu  after seeing a cartoon TV show. He reportedly mimicked a character who parachuted using an umbrella. He survived after his fall was partially broken by a power line about two storeys from the ground.

The boy’s mother fainted after seeing her seriously injured son lying on the ground. He was rushed to the Affiliated Children’s Hospital of Suzhou University for treatment in critical condition, but doctors declared the boy’s injuries no longer life-threatening after the emergency surgery.

A similar incident took place last month when a 5-year-old girl parachuted from the 11th floor of a building using an umbrella.