Consumed by jealousy, a husband stabs senior citizen to death in Albay

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  • A 33-year-old husband stabbed his old neighbor multiple times with a bolo
  • Jealousy is seen as the motive, after he saw the victim hugging his wife days ago
  • Incident happened at Polangui, Albay

Albay, Bicol, Ph – How jealous can a spouse be?

Consumed by jealousy, a man stabbed his neighbor dead in the village of Balaba, Polangui town in Albay province.

According to Chief Inspector Joseph Maribbay, officer-in-charge of the Polangui Municipal Station, the suspect is 33-year-old Gary Vista who allegedly stabbed his neighbor Rudy Ranara, 60 years of age, with a bolo (Philippine machete) at around 7:45 in the morning

Gary told the investigators that he caught his old neighbor, Rudy, hugging his wife inside their house a few days earlier.

Gary stabbed Rudy in various parts of the body; reportedly due to his hatred.

Rudy died while being taken to Isip General Hospital, also in Polangui town.

Shortly after the incident, the suspect submitted himself to a police station.

The police will file a murder complaint against him and will conduct further investigation if necessary.

Regarding uncontrolled jealousy, just a few days ago, there was a similar incident reported from Vigan CIty, wherein jealousy also spurred a husband to gun down a co-worker of his wife, as per a Bombo Radyo story on Sunday.