DISTURBING! This Uber driver takes advantage of his passenger, proudly posts photo on Facebook!

Image captured from Mich Gatan's Facebook

Uber is a transportation app which aims to provide passengers the privilege of booking a cab in no time. It also offers security and convenience as all Uber drivers are registered in the company database and have undergone various trainings for the safety and security of the passengers and their vehicles. However, one Uber driver may have escaped the profile checking!

A disturbing photo post made the rounds on social media featuring an Uber driver seemingly taking advantage of a female passenger. In the photo, the driver was groping her breasts while she appears to have passed out.

Apparently, this Uber driver, Jay Ram, proudly posted on Facebook how he treats his female passengers whenever they sleep in his vehicle or if they get drunk. The Uber driver molests them while they ride his Uber car.

A netizen did some research on the identity of Jay Ram and according to his Facebook profile, he is a Concentrix Daksh Services Philippines employee. Ram commented on his social media account: “Ganito ginagawa ko sa riders ko kapag traffic or lasing ^_^ Amen!” [This is what I do with my female passengers if they are drunk or asleep in my car.]

What irked the netizens more is the fact that several other Uber drivers commented in support of Jay Ram’s promiscuous actions. One Koyki Cipriano said: “husay mo paps” which means “You’re so good, brother!” while another Abbi Rubio said: “AMEN PASTOR!”

A lot of Uber riders expressed their disappointment; insisting such acts was a form of rape and urge Uber to screen and monitor their drivers better and take action regarding this incident.

UPDATE: As per a certain Lorayne’s comment post, “Uber PH had already banned the driver. According to one of their managers in Concentrix, it is confirmed that the driver was a former employee of the call center company in Eastwood, but was already terminated last 2016.”

Below is Mich Lat Gatan’s post regarding the Uber incident:

Even if it is a prank or a joke – this is a matter of security and it is disturbing if a public transport driver indeed has this kind of mentality. How about you? What do you think of this issue?

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Mich Gatan