Fail! Thief snatches a woman’s bag, then runs … err… into a police station

Image capture from Shanghaiist video
  • A man steals a woman’s bag in China
  • The thief was not aware he ran into a police station while fleeing with the loot
  • The police said the suspect was not familiar with the area

This robber should try to familiarize himself with the area first before preying on possible victims.

A thief ended up being arrested in less than 10 seconds after snatching a woman’s bag in China. Apparently, he was not aware that he ran into a police station while trying to flee with the loot.

In the video shared on Shanghaiist, a woman is seen standing on the street. A man from behind suddenly appears and grabs her bag before sprinting away.

The woman tried to run after the thief and even stumbled in the middle of the road while pursuing the thug.

The thief, meanwhile, entered an establishment he didn’t know was actually a police station. The woman caught up with him within seconds and asked the officer at the gate to arrest the man.

According to the police, the suspect was not familiar with the place and it seems too late for him to realize that he ran into a police station where he now stays behind bars for a while following his arrest.

The video has gone viral on Chinese social media and the Shanghaiist video alone has been viewed more than 400,000 times by amused netizens.

Watch it below: