Father slits 13-year-old daughter’s throat for spending too much time on Facebook

Images by Ghana Guardian

Many parents worry over the exposure of their children to technology; thinking it may affect them in various aspects of their integral life.

Social media, as one of the most greatly used activities of today’s generation, poses threats to toddlers, adolescents, and teens promoting anxiety and lowering self-esteem, as claimed by experts.

In this manner, parents’ role as their guardian carries a very critical responsibility to monitor their children’s everyday use of technology and the likes as they sometimes lead to neglect on some household chores, and school obligations..

This dilemma of a parent, however, escalated to an extreme level wherein a father slit open his daughter’s throat because of the latter’s frequent use of social media.

As per the Daily Post, the suspect identified as Joi (not his real name), 41, cut his 13-year-old daughter’s throat due to her overspending time on Facebook.

It was reported that he locked the girl in their rented house in Phetchaburi’s Muang district in Thailand after slitting her throat.

Joi then tried to escape bringing with him their youngest daughter but was soon arrested at a checkpoint in Prachuap Khiri Khan’s Thap Sakae district, on Sunday night.

He confessed to the Police that he had a heated argument with his daughter about her spending too much time on Facebook and Line; following the inhumane act.

As a testament to Joi’s crime, his wife said that he was short-tempered; stating that the husband had violently hit their daughter before over uncontrolled social media use fearing it would greatly affect the girl’s school work.

However, the wife immediately denied when asked if it was the result of her husband’s sexual abuse towards the girl.

Meanwhile, the Police said that Joi was wanted since August 14, 2007 for a murder case in Trang’s Muang district with a court-issued warrant of arrest, as disclosed in The Nation article.