In love Filipina domestic helper and Indian driver charged with adultery in Kuwait

Image by pinterest, curtis69.tumblr
  • A Filipina domestic helper and an Indian driver was a******d by authorities on charges of adultery
  • Both were working under the same employer in Kuwait
  • The Filipina was found out to be four months pregnant

Kuwait City, KUWAIT — An Indian driver and a Filipina domestic helper working for the same sponsor have been a******d for committing adultery.

The Filipina complained of stomach pains and the sponsor took her to a hospital and the doctor stated she was four months pregnant.

When asked by her employer who the father was, she said it was their Indian driver.

She then admitted to her boss that she is in love with the driver and that they have been having sexual intercourse in their intimate relationship that have been going on for a while.

No comment has been reported yet from the driver.

Both were charged with adultery, although according to a report by the Qatarday, they are both not married.

According to Kuwait Times, the growth in the number of OFWs has also led to a growth in infidelity rates amongst Filipino men and women, either with foreigners or fellow Filipinos.

It also reported the brutal murder of a Filipino engineer by a fellow Filipino. Both the victim and the suspect are married and with children back in the Philippines, and both were reported to have been engaged in an illicit affair with one woman in Kuwait.

The article continues on another case, a Pinoy and a Pinay working in Kuwait are both married in the Philippines and have children, but Marlon and Pinky met one cold night until they found themselves in a roaring illegal affair.

“I have needs that no one else can provide except for my partner. So instead of being with a p********e, I have a partner to avoid diseases,” Marlon said, but such reasons are not valid to have extramarital affairs.