Look: Rainbow-colored corn grows in Zamboanga City

In July of 2013, GardeningGirl1107 shared a video of her harvest via You Tube!

Take a look!

In the Philippines, corn is the second most important food crop in the Philippines next to rice and the major source of income for one-third of farmers or roughly around 1.8 million. It is also the primary source of feed for the Filipino poultry and livestock industry, and is being increasingly used in the manufacturing sector.

Based on the Philippine Industry report, the Philippines produces or contributes about 1% of the world’s corn production or about 22% of the total corn produced by the South-East Nations. It also constitutes about 50% of the feeds for the local livestock and poultry industries.

With the glass gem corn now available in the country, perhaps the corn industry is about to flourish more? Well, that would be great!