A Mother’s Love: Mom killed after saving daughter from a barreling car on Mother’s Day

Image by The Gospel Herald

New York, USA  –  There is truly nothing more powerful than a mother’s love.

Diane Aluska, 55, together with her daugther, Jenna, 16-year-old, was leaving from an early morning Mother’s Day Catholic mass when a car came barreling towards them on a sidewalk.

Ann Riolo, 80, the driver of the car, had just pulled out of a bakery parking lot and thought she put her Toyota Corolla in drive, but still had the vehicle in reverse.

“She had thought she put it in drive, she left it in reverse, hit the gas, started speeding backwards, lost control, and jumped the sidewalk,” Suffolk County Detective Sgt. James Murphy said in a press conference.

After seeing the car barreling towards them, Diane pushed Jenna out of the way; sacrificing herself and taking the impact of the collision.

“You could see the mother kind of throw the daughter out of the way and sacrifice herself, trying to save her own daughter,” a witness said. “That was pretty heartfelt.”

Both women were transported to a hospital where Jenna was listed in stable condition, but sadly, Diane died of her injuries.

“There is no doubt she saved her daughter’s life,” Suffolk County Police Detective Sgt. James Murphy said of the 55-year-old mother.

Jenna’s father, Kenneth Aluska, told the New York Post that his daughter didn’t know her mother had been killed that day.