A real OMG! Baby boy weighs an incredible 16lbs at birth!

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Wellington, New Zealand  –  How did it fit in there?

A baby was born via caesarean operation; weighing 16lb 4oz and measuring 57cm long, which is more than twice the weight and 7cm longer than the average new born.

The doctor at Wellington Hospital took three hours to administer an epidural on his mother.

In fact, the baby boy was so big that his pregnant mom struggled to bend over.

The parents preferred not to be identified, though the baby boy’s father told Stuff NZ: ‘We are not that tall ourselves, so we are not sure where his size has come from – at the moment we are thinking he’s probably just a big baby.’

It is the mother’s second boy. Her first was also a big lad; weighing 11.8 pounds, or 5.4 kg.

The baby boy’s length and weight would soon see him in clothes for six-month-old babies, which fit children between 6 and 8kg.

Postnatal care for big babies often involves Apgar score  –  a simple assessment of how a baby is doing at birth, which helps determine whether the new born is ready to meet the world without additional medical assistance  –  and blood spot screening.



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