Caught on cam: Wedding reception turns into massive brawl!

Image capture of video by SF Gate via YouTube

California, USA  –  A wedding reception in the East Bay quickly turned into a ‘war zone’ when a massive brawl broke out with at least two people critically injured.

Around 70 men were reportedly involved in the violence at Royal Palace Banquet Hall, which was attended by 700 people.

The bride reported that party crashers started the massive brawl.

Manjeet Kaur, 25, told Mercury News that the fight started after a group showed up during the reception, and after being asked to leave, waited outside and attacked the wedding guests in the parking lot.

“They were outsiders, a bunch of boys my husband and I did not know, who found out about the party and were harassing the girls, so somebody kicked them out,’’ Kaur said. “They were really pissed off for being asked to leave, so when the party was over, they jumped on some of the guests outside and started fighting.’’

Two people were hospitalized and suffered head trauma, Fremont police Detective Michael Gebhardt said.

Amritpal Singh was charged with felony battery. The charge carry a special allegation that the victim is in a coma because of brain injury and is paralyzed. This calls for a prison time for Singh.

Kaur said she didn’t know how the outsiders found out about the party, but she suspects some of the wedding guests may have told them.

The massive brawl was captured on cam and is making the rounds on the internet.

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