Chef Gordon Ramsay praises definitely Filipino-inspired ‘Adowbow Pan de Sal burger’

Image capture of Video by ABC Good Morning America

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” to judge a burger cook-off between two contestants; he had to choose between a Bison and Chorizo Double Stacked Burger versus a Filipino-inspired Adobo Pan de Sal Burger.

While promoting his new show “The F Word” (F means food) to air this week, Ramsay had to choose between the two versions of burger based on his taste preference.

The Adobo Burger was prepared by Maura Hohman, a 25-year-old New Yorker who loves Filipino and Italian cuisine. She calls it ‘The Filipino-inspired Pork Adobo Burger.’ The burger patty was made from grounded bacon, infused with essential adobo flavors: vinegar, soy sauce, bay leaves, and lots of garlic.

Ramsay admired Hohman’s burger and also recognized that she used the Filipino favorite ‘Pan de Sal’ instead of the usual burger bun. “It’s seasoned beautifully,” Ramsay complimented. “And the bun, that’s a traditional Filipino bread. It’s delicious.”

Despite praising the rival’s dish, it still needs more seasoning according to Ramsay, and so he picked Hohman’s Filipino-inspired burger as the segment’s winner. “I’m going with the Filipino burger,” he said.

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