Cuteness overload! NYPD pulls over Twin Toddlers who are riding their toy car

Image capture of video by pair_up_ via Instagram

New York, USA – Double the trouble, Double the fun!

A twin toddler takes their toy car for a spin on a busy New York sidewalk when NYPD officers pulled them  over with lights flashing and stopped them.

Aaron and Evan, 2, were pulled over Sunday night for driving “over the cute limit,” their dad Alex told InsideEdition.

When the officer approached “the vehicle,” a black tiny Range Rover, the toddlers seem to take him pretty seriously. As their dad jokingly calls out from behind, “License and registration,” the two officers point out to the pint-sized drivers that their rear lights don’t seem to be working. They were handed a ticket, and pays the officers immediately with high fives all around.

Alex caught the whole scene on a video and posted it on his Instagram account.