DepEd projects 25-M enrollees nationwide for school year 2017-2018

The Department of Education (DepEd) is expecting a total enrollment of 25 million -from kinder, elementary, junior and senior high school students both public and private schools – nationwide this coming school year (SY) 2017-2018.

“The projected enrollment will include the 1.5 million Grade 11 enrollees last school year 2016-2017,” DepEd Undersecretary for Planning and Field Operations Jesus Mateo said in an interview with Manila Bulletin.

However, he noted that not 100 percent of the SHS enrollees last SY will proceed to Grade 12 this school year.

“This will depend on the passing rate of the students,” Mateo explained.

While DepEd has yet to gather the actual number of enrollees this coming school year despite the conduct of the early registration in January, Mateo assured that “what is definite though is a greater percentage will still remain in public.”

Based on DepEd’s data, enrollment for both public and private schools last SY was at 24, 986,097. This includes kinder, elementary, secondary junior high school and senior high school students.

Data from DepEd’s Enhanced Basic Education Information System (EBEIS) generated as of January 11, 2017 showed that there were 21,398,088 enrollees in public schools for SY 2016-2017.

Of this number, 14,488, 231 enrollees were in elementary level – including 1,596, 754 kinder and 47,792 non-graded students (learners with exceptionalities.)

For the secondary level, there were 6,177,876 enrollees – including 6,175,948 students from Grade 7 to 10 and 1,928 non-graded students. There were also 731,981 enrollees listed as enrollees for SY 2016-2017.


Source :

Manila Bulletin