Doctors remove live eel from constipated man’s stomach!

Image capture of video by Mirror

Guangzhou, China – Truly a shocking moment when doctors in China removed a live eel from a man’s stomach.

A half-meter live eel was inserted by a middle-aged man in his anus; apparently as a remedy for his constipation, according to a local news paper.

The patient, 49, told doctors in Guangzhou that he heard the word on the street that his condition could be relieved by a living eel; a folk remedy suggested to him. But the live fish created a havoc on his intestines after he inserted it into his anus, the report said.

Eels are elongated fish with snake-like bodies, sharp jaws and teeth. The eel used by the man was said to have a head as large as a ping-pong ball. Whew! Can you imagine that? It’s no wonder that his stomach has ballooned and caused him excruciating pain.

In surgery they found the animal had broken through the intestines and generated “a mess” in the man’s abdominal cavity, “almost killing him”, the doctor said.