Duterte scoffs at UN rapporteur, American prof: ‘If shabu were good, I’d provide for it in streets’

  • President blasted UN rapporteur, American prof for claiming shabu does not lead to violence or brain damage
  • He said he’d be the first one to provide for it in the streets if what they said was true
  • He also said his own experience as Davao City mayor would contradict their claim

MANILA, Philippines  –  Scoffing at UN rapporteur Dr. Agnes Callamard’s citation of an American professor’s claim that shabu did not lead to violence or brain damage, President Rodrigo Duterte said he’d be the first one to provide the illegal drug in the streets if they can prove they were correct.

“She should go on a honeymoon with that black guy, the American. I will pay for their travel,” the Philippine Star quoted him as saying. “They should be together and discuss. If shabu were good, if it is really in consonance with their pronouncement, you can be sure that beginning tomorrow, I will provide shabu in the streets. You may get your fix if you want.”

Callamard was referring to University of Columbia Psychology Department chairman Prof. Carl Hart’s claim when she made her statement.

Shooting back, however, Duterte — citing an American forensics study — said shabu really do harm the brain.

“As a matter of fact, it’s an American forensic study that it shrinks the brain of a person. That’s not ours,” he said.

He also played down Hart’s claim; saying his own experience with illegal drug users when he was mayor of Davao City would prove otherwise.

“That’s all [expletive] me. That is why I will not talk to them because my experience until now and 23 years ago when I became the mayor of Davao City was always a lot of violence and killing because of shabu,” he said. “He said shabu does not damage the brain. That’s why that son of a [expletive] who has gone crazy came here to make announcements.”