Farmer builds motorized ‘iron horse’ with recycled materials in central China

Image by PressTV

Although the calesa or horse-drawn carriage has become a rarity here in the Philippines, one can still find this significant mode of transportation in areas frequented by tourists like Intramuros and Vigan.

But wait, there is an interesting discovery and invention in China where a farmer has been turning heads with his unique form of transportation —  a motorized iron horse.

Xiancheng Dong, a farmer in Anyang, central China’s Henan province told PRESSTV that it took him 12 years to finish creating and assembling the iron horse.

The farmer has presented the horse for a driving test on a street last week in the central province of Henan.

The homemade steed is 1.2 meters tall and 1.7 meters long, and weighs just over 100 kilograms. It is made from all kinds of discarded materials.

The horse is followed by a 3.5-meter-long and two-meter high carriage. He can control the mechanical horse’s speed and direction inside the carriage.

Dong said making the machine already showcases his talents and he has no desire to spend more attention and time on producing other small machines. All that effort has now paid off, and he suitably impresses the locals with the device.

Click the image if you want to watch a video of the iron horse shared by The Lite!