Heartwarming! Dog who refused to leave unconscious owner while waiting for paramedics goes viral

Image by The Dodo

Bahia Blanca, Argentina  – Sometimes we can’t help but question whether we are worthy of the love of our loyal and faithful pet dogs. You see, many of their kind exceed their owner’s expectations. Truly man’s best friend; just like the dog in this story.

Tony, an Argentinian dog, refused  to leave his unconscious owner’s side, and for this he has become a social media star after the story of him was shared online.

Jesus Hueche, 28, had been cutting branches when he fell several meters, slammed his head and lost consciousness.

Thankfully, neighbors witnessed the fall and called for an ambulance. And while they waited, Tony curled up by his side and refused to leave.

Even after the ambulance has arrived and fitted Heuche with a neckbrace, Tony, a former street dog whom Heuche rescued, never left his master’s side.

Eventually they managed to keep Tony clear and transport Hueche to a hospital, where he was treated for minor injuries and discharged on the same day.

“He goes everywhere with me and lies in my bed until my wife kicks him out,” Hueche told Argentinian radio station La Brujula 24.