Heartwarming! Little girl gets surprise of a lifetime when ‘Beast’ takes the place of her Dad at father-daughter dance

Image by Lalanelson18 via Instagram

Texas, USA  –  A little girl whose father was working in Afghanistan got a surprise of a lifetime, when a character from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast showed up to her school dance.

Gracee Nelson, a 5-year-old from El Paso, Texas, was ecstatic when she learned her school was having a father-daughter Beauty and the Beast themed dance, but her excitement was dampened after she learns her father couldn’t come.

Christopher Nelson, her dad, currently works in Afghanistan as a U.S. Army contractor.

“I had to break it to her that her daddy wasn’t going to be able to make it,” Lanya Nelson, Gracee’s mom, told InsideEdition. “Once we saw her reaction, me and my husband tried to figure out a solution.”

“I thought since the theme was Beauty and the Beast, what if we hired the beast as a costume character?” Nelson said. “We contacted an event company in town. The owner was so welcoming to the idea.”

And on the day of the dance, ‘Beast’ came to school and surprised Gracee in the hallway.

“Her face just lit up she was so happy. I have never seen my daughter that happy,” Nelson said.  “He escorted her into the dance and all the kids were like, ‘Oh my god!'”

To see the big smile on Gracee’s face was “the best feeling in the world,” the proud mom added. “It was the feeling of, ‘We did it right’; adding that it truly felt good to know that they made her night together.

Indeed, when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade!