Heartwarming! Police officer buys groceries for an 18-year-old mom who was caught stealing to feed her baby

Image by Sheena Davenport via Facebook

Alabama, USA  –  A young mother and her family were facing hard times so she decided to steal food from a store so she can feed her family. Unfortunately, she and her boyfriend were caught and a******d. But when this 18-year-old mom went to court to plead guilty to theft, she got a help from an unlikely source.

Sheena Davenport shoplifted from a Wal Mart store in Alabama, for herself, her fiance and their 17-month-old daughter.

Police officer Katrina Culbreath was present in the courtroom with Davenport and overheard the teen mom telling another woman about the circumstances that led her to steal.

Officer Culbreath had Davenport meet her outside after court and told her to follow her. They ended up at a grocery store.

Image by Sheena Davenport via Facebook

“I told her it was for my daughter. She told me to meet her outside after court was done,” Davenport said. “She told me to get into my car and follow her patrol car. We ended up at the grocery store. I started crying. I realized she was going to buy food for me and my family.”

Davenport, who had never been in trouble before, cried when she realized this officer wanted to buy food for her family. She said Officer Culbreath bought her $130 worth of groceries. “There’s still good people out in the world and officers are still here to protect and serve,” Davenport says. “We are totally blessed by it.”

Since Culbreath’s selfless gesture, Davenport said they have kept in touch daily and posted their moment on her Facebook account.