Heroic 5-year-old becomes “honorary firefighter” for his quick-thinking during a family emergency

Image by San Tan Valley News, Kami

A responsive young boy was praised as a hero by a Fire Department for saving his mother’s life and also taking action for his 2-month-old baby sister.

After seeing his mother bleeding from her head in the bathroom, five-year-old Salvatore Cicalese grabbed his infant sister and ran for help to a neighbor who called 911.

Mrs Cicalese, from San Tan Valley, Arizona went to take a shower but shortly after starting the water, she experienced a seizure and collapsed; striking her head against the bathtub.

Her five-year-old son Salvatore was trying to sleep in his bedroom when he heard a thump and went to check on his mom; seeing her lying motionless in the shower, with blood flowing from her head wound, as reported by San Tan Valley News.

Thinking that his mother was dying, the boy immediately wrapped his 2-month-old sister in a blanket, placed her on the couch and went to open the high garage door, which he reached by climbing a bar stool that he had dragged form the kitchen.

He then rushed back for his sister and carried her to the nearby house of Jessica Penoyer, their neighbor.

Little Sal told her: “Our mom died, in the shower, can you take care of us?”

Penoyer summoned help from 911 and went to the Cicalese family’s home, where she found her neighbor Katelyn lying unconscious in the bathroom, with the water still running.

“Honestly, he saved my life. I was under the faucet and if he wouldn’t have gotten help, I would have drowned,” the mother said.

Mrs Cicalese has made a complete recovery, but what a cute scene it is to imagine: “Every day is a challenge for us. He asks me a billion times if I’m going to be okay. He’ll tell me ‘are you going to have another seizure,’ no I’m ok. Are you going to die today? No, I’m not going to die today,” she told ABC15.

Last month, a Rural Metro Fire Department truck visited the family’s home. Department Spokesperson Shawn Gilleland presented the smiling boy, now known as ‘Super Sal’, an honorary firefighter award, along with his very own firefighter shirt, certificate, helmet, badge, first aid kit, and several goodies in tribute to his valiant actions.

The happy boy played in and around the firetruck.

This amazing story reminds us parents to talk to our children, not underestimating their age, of what to do in case of an emergency.