Inspirational: Woman goes from Homeless and Hopeless to Harvard Graduate

Image capture of video by WGBH News via YouTube

Boston, Massachusets  –  Life can be hard and you can let life get the best out of you or you can defy the odds. This woman chose to defy the odds.

Norma Heath went from being homeless to become a Harvard grad and should serve as an inspiration to all of us.

After dropping her job a number of years in the past, Heath turned depressed and entered a downward spiral that left her homeless and drug addicted.

“My drug of choice was crack cocaine and m*******a. And everything that came with it: the lying, the stealing, the prostitution, I did it.”

“I was depressed, doing drugs and just wasting my life away,” Norma told WCVB-TV.

Trying to make ends meet, Heath checked into Rosie’s place – a Boston women’s shelter that helps its residents.

At Rosie’s Place she learned about the importance of goal setting. Setting goals and then working toward achieving them no matter how big or small that may help shape her mindset. Rosie’s Place required Norma to write weekly goals. One of her goals was to graduate from Harvard University.

Earlier this week, 51-year-old Norma made her dream come true and she graduated from the Ivy League school with a degree in psychology.

But her goals don’t stop with graduation. She plans to go for her Master’s degree and even her doctorate.

“It’s all about goals,” Norma said. “You can have dreams, but there’s a difference between dreams and goals.”