Irish beach reappears after vanishing for 33 years!

Image by Achill Tourism

County Mayo, Ireland  –  A beach that was swept away more than 30 years ago from a remote island of Ireland has reappeared – thanks to a freak tide.

The beach near the village of Dooagh on Achill Island vanished because of a powerful storm in 1984.

With nothing more than a rocky terrain that was left behind, almost all the village’s hotels and cafes shut down.

Thanks to Mother Nature, 33 years later, it turned back the sands of time as a freak tide saw the sands return to the small village.

Hundreds of thousands of tons of sand were dumped on the beach over ten days in April; reviving the 300m long beach.

Sean Molloy, manager at Achill Tourism, said: ‘Before it disappeared, the beach had been there for as long as living memory, almost continuously, until 1984-85.

‘During that time there was some big storms that really destroyed the beach and it was completely washed away and 1984 was the last time the beach was there.

‘Then in April when we had that cold snap over Easter, the wind was coming in from the north.’

‘It was very constant and steady and it must have transported eroded material in from elsewhere.’

He said the bulk of the sand was deposited in just over a week, leaving locals delighted.