Iron stomach: Thai woman finishes noodles despite sudden rush of cockroaches inside eatery

Images from Kapong Pang's Facebook account
  • Thai woman’s picture of cockroach horde inside eatery going viral
  • Lady recounted how roaches, as well as rats and centipedes, suddenly appeared inside eatery
  • She explained they crawled out of the drain below the eatery to escape floodwaters
  • She also said she stayed and finished the noodles despite their presence

BANGKOK, Thailand  –  While the sight of one cockroach is usually enough to unnerve most people, one Thai lady took it to the next level by finishing her food in the midst of a cockroach horde.

The woman, a certain Kapong Pang, recounted how she was peacefully eating noodles inside an eatery last Sunday afternoon when an army of roaches, as well as rats and centipedes, suddenly began crawling out of the drain.

She said that despite their sudden presence, she kept her nerve and continued eating – while the creepy crawlies were going out of the drain – because she was hungry.

“Sorry for using profanity. While I was eating my delicious noodles, an army of cockroaches, rats and centipedes crawled out of the drains. I was disgusted, but I was hungry,” Coconuts quoted her as saying. “I kept on eating! Who cares! I ate while watching cockroaches on the wall. So freaking delicious!”

Later on, Pang explained that roaches and pests usually do not come out of the drain. She surmised they may have just been trying to escape the floodwaters brought on by unusually heavy rainfall that day. She added that she also felt sorry for the eatery owner’s reputation which was undoubtedly affected negatively.

The incident reportedly happened at Phanat Nikhom Market in Thailand’s eastern province of Chonburi.