Look! #Couplefie shared on Twitter scares netizens, something creepy in the background

Image via Twitter

Social media has been fully integrated into the mainstream culture; bringing about the fulfilment and satisfaction a user could get when posting photos and statuses.

In this era where photos are regarded as one’s expression of gaining praises, acceptance, even their own personal takeaway, or whatever reason they have for doing so has been tagged as a worldwide phenomenon.

With this, netizens are tempted to post #selfies (internet slang word for a self-portrait usually taken with a digital camera or a mobile phone) sharing the captured divine moments of themselves.

Several other words have emerged from #selfies that went beyond dictionary definitions. One of which is the #couplefie – where couples share their sweet, precious moments together.

People would normally see photos of boyfriend and girlfriend / husband and wife together as adorable depiction of lovebirds’ #couplegoals. Yet, in a different circumstance, a certain photo of a couple on the internet really made many creep out.

At first look, the photograph appears to be a very lovely one as the charming couple took a #couplefie while hugging each other.

But eagle-eyed netizens were able to identify something freaky in the background that left their spine chilling.

Take a look at the picture. Do you see the spooky thing going on?

Yes, right! As the couple stand in front of a mirror where the image should definitely reflect their backs. The girl’s head, however, did not — instead, her face can be seen shown in the mirror smiling.

The photo was shared by a Twitter user, Andy Fuentes (who doesn’t appear to be the man in the picture) with the caption “I adore my better half regardless of the possibility that she’s a Gemini.”  The photo has been re-tweeted for 49k times and has gained over 100k likes.

Twitter users expressed horror and stun, where one asked to put it down while others expressed disarray towards the picture commenting with GIFS of priests waving crosses, and people reciting prayers and incantations.

With the caption, some people assumed that the two faces apparent in the photo were really just a play on that indication of the zodiac sign Gemini where people often stereotype those born under that sign with split personalities having  ‘two-faces.’