Look: How Nico Bolzico apologizes to Solenn Heussaff for his prank

Image by Instagram

In a couple’s relationship, situations where one does something that is somehow unacceptable would piss the other. The ramification would end up into a conflict. However, when realization sinks in, saying sorry is the best solution to make peace with your partner.

In line with that, it looks like Solenn Heussaff’s hubby Nico Bolzico’s prank on her went a little too far.

In a previous Instagram post, he shared how he placed a tremendous amount of powder on Solenn’s blower that went straight to wifezilla’s face and now he begs for Solenn’s forgiveness.

Netizens are gushing over Nico’s peace offering to Solenn wearing a shirt that says “.,” with both of his hands filled with a bouquet of flowers, heart-shaped balloon and pillow and a stuffed teddy bear.

Nico shared his photo on Instagram, and on the caption he said, “When your last prank went too far and you beg for forgiveness!”, funnily using the hashtags #sadpuppyface #pleaseforgivemebybrianadams and #thebeautyandthemedyobastos

Solenn answered by recognizing Nico’s shirt that says, “The Beauty and the Medyo Bastos”: @solennheussaff I love bastos!!!