Look! In Japan, babies face off and cry for good health

Image capture of a video by Mint via Youtube
  • The “crying sumo” tradition in Japan lets babies face off in a ring where who cries first is the winner
  • A crying baby inside the shrine or the temple is believed to drive away bad spirits
  • This would then bring good health to infants who cry

To drive away bad spirits, some 100 Japanese babies “battled” it out in a sumo ring in the belief that it will bring them good health.

These babies were held by their fathers dressed as sumo wrestlers as they cry in the ring as part of the “crying sumo” tradition, conducted inside a shrine or a temple.

According to a story posted on GMA News Online, this 400-year-old Japanese tradition encourages babies to cry inside the ring. The sound of these infants’ weep is believed to drive away bad spirtis; leaving them only with good health.

An older story by the Daily Mail said this is an annual practice in Japan where the baby to bawl first is the winner. In the event that he or she fails to cry, the referee tries his best to scare off the child and make him or her cry. Parents carrying the baby also wag them to get some tears going.

Here’s a look at these crying but still really cute and irresistible babies: