Look: Shabbily-dressed man snubbed by bike salespeople ends up buying Harley Davidson motorcycle

Image from Sanook
  • Thai man wound up buying expensive bike from shop who treated him well
  • Prior to that, he had been snubbed by salespeople from other bike shops due to his appearance
  • Elder sister identified him as no-nonsense mechanic who had been saving up for his dream bike

THAILAND – As the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover.

The bike shops and their salespeople who forgot this adage are presumably shaking their heads after a man they stood up for being poorly-dressed wound up buying a Harley Davidson motorcycle worth thousands of dollars from a shop who treated him right.

According to Thai online news site Sanook, the man went to several bike shops but had been either ignored or shabbily treated because of his shoddy appearance.

Pictures of the man wearing a tattered and dirtied red shirt, old baggy pants and slippers were shared by the publication as proof of the story.

After being snubbed by several bike shops, one establishment finally attended to the man like a real customer.

As fate would have it, the man — after glossing over the shop’s assortment of motorcyles for around 10 minutes — told the salespeople there he had finally made his choice in the form of a big Harley Davidson bike.

Even more astounding, the man pulled out 600,000 baht (around $24,000) from his pants and paid for the bike in full upfront.

Attempts to identify the man bore fruit after his elder sister identified him as semi-retired mechanic “Lung Decha”. According to her, her brother did not smoke, drink or gamble.

Also, she revealed that while he’s not rich, he’s been saving for his dream bike for a long time — which he will apparently enjoy now.