Man celebrates birthday in jail after being caught selling drugs by Bacolod Police

Image by ABS CBN, Birthday Nights, Keyword Suggests

A man is caught selling illegal drugs on his birthday just this Tuesday in Bacolod City.

Instead of celebrating his 29th birthday in his house or a bar with family and friends, Ronilo Figuera celebrated his special day with strangers on a detention cell of Police Station 10. Well, at least he did make it behind a ‘bar.’

Figuera was caught red-handed selling illegal drugs on a buy-bust operation by the authorities held on Tuesday morning.

Five packs of suspected shabu were seized from him, along with two other smaller packets.

According to Senior Insperctor Ramel Bustamante, chief of Police Station 10, Ronilo Figuera has been on their “target list”. “Na-tokhang na umano ito dati pero hindi sumuko,” said Bustamante.

Figuera was also reportedly caught before due to illegal drugs, but he was able to bail himself out.

A new case of selling illegal drugs is about to be charged against the accused.

According to ABS CBN, the suspect declined to give any statement.

Meanwhile abroad, one father chose a special gift for his son’s 18th birthday: illegal drugs.

According to the article, the father presented a small package. “What’s this?” asked the son. “This is good stuff!” said the father, inhaling a hit from the methamphetamine. Once high, the father said, “You are an adult now — you should be obedient, and you should have goals to strive for!” he said, while passing the drugs to his son. “I don’t have any gift for you except this. Have a try.”

The son reportedly couldn’t resist the temptation, and both of them were detained and received treatment at a community rehabilitation center.