Man’s best friend: Hero dog saves two brothers from house fire

Image from Wikimedia Commons
  • Dog saved two sleeping brothers from fire which gutted their home
  • It managed to wake them up, alert them to fire
  • Family grateful to dog for saving the brothers’ lives

BENGUET, Philippines – Dogs really are man’s best friends.

This much was proven after one dog heroically saved the lives of two of its owners after a fire gutted their home in a mining camp in Tuba town’s Sitio Padcal last Thursday night.

The plucky pooch, an askal named Miztah, successfully managed to rouse Wilbur Santos, 14, and his younger brother Kurt, 12, from sleep after their shared eight-bedroom bungalow inside the camp run by Philex Mining Corporation caught fire.

“He was howling at us. When I heard him, I went outside. And then I saw the fire spreading out,” Wilbur told ABS-CBN; adding that he immediately woke up his younger brother and his neighbors.

The two brothers and their neighbors were later able to put out the fire which was attributed to faulty electrical wires. Other than Miztah suffering slight burn injuries, no one else was hurt in the fire.

“I was so nervous when I was called from my work station underground,” Lander, a miner and the boys’ father said. “I was told there was a fire at our place, and I thought of my two boys who were sleeping when I left our house. My heart beat very fast as I was worrying about them.”

Although they lost much of their possessions in the fire, the older Santos is still grateful to Miztah for saving the lives of his two boys.

“Nothing was saved from our house, including the belongings of our housemates,” he said. “But the lives of my children are the most important. Thanks to God and to our hero dog, Miztah.”