Mom claims son with Down syndrome captured his guardian angel on camera

Image by KTRK

Texas, USA – A photo captured by a 7-year-old boy went viral recently because it resembles what his mom claims as his guardian angel.

AAsher, 7, was born with Down syndrome and is nonverbal. His parents decided to spell his name with an extra letter “A” to reflect an extra chromosome and let the world know he is a special boy.

“He is a blessing we did not expect,” said AAsher’s mom, Kerri Liles.

AAsher together with his mom recently got back from a flight from Houston to Washington and AAsher, who recently became obsessed with taking pictures via his parents cellphone, took some pictures out of the window of an airplane.

“So we’re taking off and there’s a lot of turbulence and he’s sitting next to me,” recalls Liles. “Of course, when he sees the phone he wants it, he starts taking pictures, and I’m like, cool, cause that’s kind of distracting him from, you know, that part.”

After AAsher took a dozen, one picture in particular stands out and is making the rounds in social media.

“So I’m going through and I’m holding my thumb on there and I’m like, ‘Check, check, check, check, check, delete. Check, check, check, delete. Check, chec — Whoa, what is that?’” says Liles. “As soon as I got internet service I’m like, post that to my Facebook and I’m like, ‘Y’all look at this picture that AAsher took. What the heck is this?’”

Comments poured in and the response was mixed, but most people enjoyed the photo and their own interpretation of the image.