Mom-of-three captures footage of what she believes is her ‘son from a past life’ drifting past her tv

Image by Identi

West Midlands, United Kingdom  –  A mom-of-three claims she captured in a video what she believes was her ‘fourth son from her past life’ walking in front of her television.

Mandy Baynham, 45, is a self-taught medium and said she captured a beautiful ‘white spirit’ as it passed her camera in the shape of a ‘head and shoulders’.

Mandy, of West Midlands, said: ‘I’ve always been a spiritual person but I had never really explored my passion until about 10 months back when I started to sense this angel’s lovely, warm presence all around me.

“I started taking lots of photos and videos and I could see this beautiful spirit. It was amazing. I could tell right away it was a little boy and that he was always with me so I went to get a reading.”

After visiting a medium, Mandy, believes the boy, called Danny, was the product of a forbidden relationship she had in her past life with a Jamaican man called Stefan.

“The medium told me the little boy was my son from a past life. At first I was so shocked, I just couldn’t believe it,” she said.

“But as he told me the story, I started to have visions like flashbacks and I just cried because I knew it was all true.”

She added Danny’s spirit is very mischievous and she often hears him jumping on her bed and switching the kettle off when she’s trying to make a cup of tea.

“I just wish that more people were open-minded about it because so many people must be surrounded by angels from their past lives but they’re too oblivious or skeptical to ever realize.”

Do spirits really exist? or just a figment of our imagination?