Pervert recording a woman on a train is unaware she caught him and recorded him too

Images from Uma Mageswari's video vai Facebook

Perverts are everywhere, that’s a fact; you meet them in a store or inside a movie house. You may have even stood behind them in a queue or sat beside them on a train.

A Singaporean woman narrated how she busted a pervert who recorded her inside a metro train early this month.

In a Facebook post, Uma Mageswari said she just boarded a train at Outram MRT heading towards Harbourfront to meet a friend when a man suddenly positioned himself on a seat opposite her.

Moments later she saw the man tinker with his phone and start recording her. Uma said she quickly noticed what was going on because she saw the reflection on the glass window behind the pervert, but he obviously had no idea that she knew.

The man went on recording her and even tried zooming Uma on the video to have a clearer view.

“The dumbass didn’t realize his folly obviously. I made my own recording of him but understandably lost my temper afterwards when confronting him over his actions,” Uma wrote.

After confronting the pervert, Uma complained with the MRT staff, and members of the SPF arrive at the scene within minutes to investigate.

They later found out the man has more videos of other women in his mobile unit.

When asked about his disgusting action, the man recited a litany of excuses.

“He had a range of excuses for his deplorable actions. His last feeble attempt of an apology was that ‘I was like his sister,” Uma wrote.

She shared her experience on Facebook to serve as warning to other women to be on the lookout for this kind of pervert.

“Please always remain aware of your surroundings and never be afraid to speak out against such acts that may be committed against you or others around you. You don’t have to be a victim of your circumstances. Ever,” said Uma.