Preschool teacher drags a four-year-old down a school hallway; mother’s lawyer investigating

Image capture of video Fox 19

After a picture of an Ohio preschool teacher who appeared to be dragging a student down a school hallway went viral, a lawyer of the child’s mother is starting his own investigation.

The picture was taken by a fellow teacher who observed the behavior;  showing a pre-school teacher connected right hand to right hand with a 4-year-old student.

The teacher is walking down the school hallway and looks like she’s dragging the student beside her on the floor.

It is yet unclear what may have prompted the incident.

“Under what circumstances is it proper to drag a 4-year-old by the arm? I can’t think of… unless you’re trying to take it away from trouble,” Attorney Dave Betras said.

Dave represents Stevelyn Jackson; the mother of the student seen in the picture taken at a program which is part of Youngstown, OH, City Schools and run by Alta Behavioral Health.

Betras says that both the mother and son were traumatized, and the boy is frightened and doesn’t want to return to school anymore.

The lawyer is currently investigating to determine if the incident was isolated or a regular occurrence in the school.

He said: “I want the city and Alta to preserve any and all evidence they have, video and other recordings. I want to know about the history of this teacher and whether there have been complaints before.”

CEO of Youngstown Schools Krish Mohip said that “Alta will not be operating the program next year because it doesn’t use certified teachers.”

“Our heart goes out to the mother and the student. It’s not a reflection of who we are. Our teachers are concerned about how this will reflect on them. We have a very dedicated staff,” said Alta CEO Joseph Shorokey in a statement.

The pre-school teacher involved in the alleged dragging incident has already been fired.

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Fox 19, NBC 12