Terrence Romeo on rumored secret marriage: Not yet married, just engaged

Image from Terrence Romeo's Facebook Fanpage
  • Basketball star denied rumors of secret marriage in April
  • He explained he is still just engaged to his girlfriend, said they want to keep their relationship low-key
  • He also said they are engaged in a long-distance relationship

MANILA, Philippines – Nope, his civil status hasn’t changed—yet.

Responding to reports about his “secret marriage” which supposedly took place last April 22, basketball player Terrence Romeo said he is still just engaged to his girlfriend; a relationship both want to keep out of the limelight.

“I’m just engaged. We didn’t get married yet,” he told Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist Dolly Ann Carvajal. “My fiancée and I want to keep our relationship private and low-key.”

Romeo then revealed some bits of information about his belle; saying she’s based in the United States and that they would usually meet abroad.

“Actually, it’s more of a long-distance relationship, because she’s usually in the United States. We meet up abroad,” he said.

The basketball star added that he had already told his basketball colleagues and sponsors about there being no wedding yet.

“They were badgering me why they weren’t invited, but I told them there was no wedding, anyway,” he said.

However, Carjaval said Romeo may just be trying to shield his fiancé from the public eye.

“I was already expecting Terrence to deny the report. Just like any other celeb, that’s his prerogative, and I respect his decision,” she wrote. “Terrence must have his reasons for keeping it under wraps. Perhaps he just wants to shield his ‘Juliet’ from public scrutiny.”

Prior to rumors of his secret marriage, Romeo had posted a picture of an engagement ring on his Instagram account where he also declared he’s off the market.

“Thank you, Lord I was able to find my true love in this lifetime… I’m officially off the market! Happy Valentine’s to all. God bless us,” read his post.