‘The Korean Adele’: Young lady goes viral for having a voice similar to famous British singer

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A young lady from Korea went viral for having a beautiful voice that is similar to British singer-songwriter Adele.

On FacebookOndemandkorea – English shared the video of the young singer’s performance.

“Her voice is giving me goosebumps. You have to listen to this performance!” read the video caption.

As of posting, the video already has more than two million views. It also got over 118,000 reactions and more than 61,000 shares.

A lot of people online also commented on the post; saying that she really has a voice similar to Adele’s.

“No need to go Adele concert! Just go to this one!” A.N said.

“Amazing. Just like Adele. Only difference is she needs improvement with her pronunciation of certain words but that’s because English isn’t her native language. Given the right language coaching she will go far as in parts she sounds identical to Adele,” VL commented.

While others think that she has her own unique voice.

“She does have an amazing voice not the same as Adele but she is good,” DG wrote.

“She doesn’t really sound like Adele, but amazing voice though!” JY said.

Listen to the voice of the lady who is now called “The Korean Adele”:

Listen to one of Adele’s most popular songs and tell us what you think!



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