This girl’s transformation from ugly duckling into a gorgeous lady is unbelievable; now she’s married to a rich man

Images from China Press

This Vietnamese girl used to be insulted for her looks when she was a teen.

Now she has the perfect revenge against her tormentors by transforming into a gorgeous lady. Not only that; she’s married to a rich guy, too.

The girl’s name is Kouk. She’s 22 years old now but her last name was not given in the World of Buzz article.

Kouk used to be bullied because of her not-so-desirable look when she was young. She has been criticized, made fun of and often insulted in school. Her classmates would not even want her in their group most of the time.

Even after graduating from school, nothing changed for Kouk. During one of the match-making sessions she attended, some mean guys were heard saying: “If I marry her, I will lose my appetite”.

Images from China Press

These criticisms almost crushed her world. She retreated into a corner and often wanted to be left alone  —  until recently when she finally decided to take matters into her own hands. Desperate times call for desperate measures, as others would say.

She spent more than $14,000 to undergo plastic surgery. After that, Kouk has become a completely different woman.

From being shy, she regained her confidence and metamorphosed into a beautiful lady.

To cap it all, she married a rich guy who had just inherited a fortune from his family. A gorgeous girl now and a wealthy wife, too.

Indeed, she has her perfect revenge against those who used to mock her.