Vice Ganda bonds with TNT contestant; treats kid to Jollibee and buys him clothes, shoes

Image from Vice Ganda's Instagram account

What a way to treat a kid who expressed extreme admiration to a celebrity!

Receiving positive remarks from kids always bring good vibes to a person. When an innocent child starts to notice all the reasons to like you, it is always a fulfilling moment for you to appreciate.

In a Kami  story, it said that comedian and host Vice Ganda got emotional when he met Tawag ng Tanghalan daily contender, Rjay Cuizon.

The aspiring singer was not only successful in showcasing his talent but he was also able to make Vice Ganda feel special.

This 6-year-old kid expressed his extreme liking to Vice Ganda; saying he finds the comedian “cute”. RJay looks up to Vice and enjoys his wit and ability to make people happy.

No one had a clue that Vice would actually get teary-eyed after talking to Rjay. To return the favor, the comedian asked the little kid if he wants to go out with him and bond together.

After the show, the two were spotted bonding with each other. It can be noticed that the two are really fond of each other, both enjoyed their bonding and the genuine happiness they feel is really visible.

The ‘It’s Showtime’ host took Rjay out on a date for spaghetti, and brought the kid to a store and bought him some clothes and shoes.

Vice even went to his social media account to share glimpses of his day out with Rjay.

Watch Vice Ganda and Rjay’s bonding:

Source :, Youtube