[Video] Cute puppies being sold like toys in China market goes viral

Image via Facebook

A video showing the selling of cute puppies in a China market is currently making rounds online.

On Facebook, CT24 shared a video showing how the puppies are being sold like toys along a China market.

“‘Taken by regular reporter Peter Crow. (He said,) ‘When we were on the pedestrian zone in Lanzhou…. At first we thought that they were selling some toys but on closer inspection, we found out that those are puppies dressed in colourful costumes. Different countries, different customs,'” CT24 captioned the video.

The video, which was filmed by a Czech tourist Petr Vrána, already has more than four million views, as of posting. It got different reactions from Facebook users; with some saying it is animal cruelty, and the others believing that nothing is wrong in selling the puppies on the China market.

Watch the video:

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