[VIDEO] Man offers to buy families’ dogs for $100,000; would you take it?

Image by BigDawsTv on Youtube

Would you sell your dog for $100,000?

How much does your dog mean to you?

As they all say, dogs are man’s best friend. Some even live by it and literally treat their dog as their ‘bestfriend’; some, even more — as ‘family.’

Dog lovers around the world invest money for their pets. Sometimes dog food even cost more than man-food in third-world countries. The amount of money used for grooming of their pets, vaccines, health care, and breeding is not a joke.

But more than the money, the emotion invested by dog owners can be priceless, right?

Sometimes we see pictures on the internet of a homeless man sharing bread with his dog on the streets. And it’s also quite common to see on social media sites  pictures of well-maintained pets of well off families.

The point is there are things in the world that money can’t buy, can’t measure, and can’t replace.

So look at your dog, pat him, ask yourself, how much does he mean to you? Ask him, ‘are you worth more than a hundred thousand pesos?

Watch as the guy in the video goes around Chicago offering people $100,000 for their family dog: