Viral Vid: Man sculpts a dog’s face — in less than a minute?

Image via Facebook

How fast can a person sculpt a dog’s face? Lots of people online have been wondering how an American artist was able to do so in just less than a minute.

On Facebook, Bored Panda shared a video of artist Jim McKenzie while sculpting the face of his dog, Gordo. A lot of people have been puzzled on how McKenzie was able to make a sculpture of his dog for a very short period of time.

What the people do not know is that the video is actually “tricky”. Jim has reversed the footage. He was not really making a tin foil version of his dog’s face — he was destroying it.

McKenzie said he uploaded the video on the internet as a prank to see if the media would fall for it. The copy of the video shared by Bored Panda has already gained more than 1.9 million, as of posting.

Watch artist Jim McKenzie’s reversed video: