Wife resorted to extreme measure as her husband drives off with another woman

Image capture of video by Norah Pitje

Pretoria, South Africa  –  A woman recently took the ’till death do us apart’ to a whole new level after she was captured on a video clinging to a windscreen of her husband’s car.

The dramatic moment unfolded in Pretoria, South Africa when the wife found her man with his side chick. She somehow jumped on the car while his husband drove the car along the busy street with his side chick on the passenger’s seat.

Norah Pitje, who captured and posted the video on Facebook on Monday, wrote: ““This women found her man with his side chick.”

“She somehow jumped on the car and the idiot man protecting his side chick so badly drove with her on his bonnet.”

Women have often resorted to extreme measures when confronted with cases of infidelity, and this is just one of those.